Wednesday, September 7, 2011

No wheels, no suspension, no axles.....oh my!

Well, we made it to Elkhart to the Mor/ride facility. We spent last night in their RV parking area. They have 4 or 5 spots with electric hookups only. We were up by 6am. Billy was backing our fifth wheel into the first bay by 7:30. Once inside, our fiver's wheels were individually weighed to determine if we really needed to move up to an eight thousand pound axle. We did, we were over on one of the wheels by about did that happen! Once that was determined, we loaded up the furballs and headed out to breakfast. The furbabies were unhappy that they had to wait in the truck while we ate, but they were rewarded with their own serving of scrambled eggs.

It was a long day of waiting, but Mor/ride does take great care of it's customers by providing a great lounge area (which we could not use cause no dogs are allowed) and providing you with lunch and snacks. We had sandwiches provided by Panara Bread today.

Tonight we are spending the night in our fiver inside the bay. Our wheels, suspension, and axles are gone. We are up in the air on some really big bottle jacks. It is a little confusing to the dogs to go outside and still be! Plus they left lights on inside the bay for it seems night will never come.

Tomorrow they will put on the new axles and suspension and four new tires. I'll have some photos to share as well. Now it is time for bed...with the lights on...thank goodness I used blackout lining for our shades in the bedroom!


  1. I can't believe they won't let the furbabies in the waiting area. Most places we've been do. Makes for a really long day for everybody. Hope all goes well tomorrow and you get everything back together again.

  2. That sounds like a big job, but being over weight is not a good thing.

  3. Same here ~ I have never heard of a repair place that didn't aloow pets... But glad you're gettingt the job done.
    Have fun & Travel safe

  4. Good luck with the repairs! Must have been a very strange night sleeping in the work bay.

  5. Sounds like you are a bit high and dry for a bit. Lots of RV repairs facilities in Elkhart. We had to stop there a couple years ago for a screen door replacement.


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