Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Another Zoo trip

Our electric project has been put on hold.  We were ready to go and did a "test" light up on our LED strip and found that the strip had a short.  Only part of the thing lit up.  Just our luck!  If there is a defective "anything" on the shelf, they send it to least it sure seems that way sometimes.  Sent back the faulty strip and got a refund.  I think we are "outta of the mood" for now.
Yesterday, Mom and I took a trip to the Indianapolis Zoo.  Have not been there in years.  I'm sorry to say it was a bit of a disappointment.  I have been to several Zoos and this ranks very low on my list.  It is not that the Zoo is so bad, but the value.  It is a very small Zoo and they charge the same as the larger zoos.  I think the reason is their Dolphin Show is included in the price.....a fifteen minute show....big deal.  Other zoos I have went to separate the show fees from general admission.  I like me a choice and allows me to just "do the zoo" at a far more reasonable price.  Ok, so that is my "gripe" for the day!  Here are some photos of some of my favorite animals.....
 "Hey pretty boy!"  I have found that some birds are very curious about the sound my camera makes...this guy sure was
 I just love this big guy.....I'm definitely going to do a painting of this guy....can't resist all those great colors and textures!
This guy was a real hoot, "I'm ready for my closeup, Mr De Mill."  LOL!


  1. I like the separate pricing also. I love that bird and his vibrant colors.

  2. Whatever that bird is, it looks like a Parrot, it sure has great colors!


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