Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A word of Thanks.....

I want to Thank everyone for all their kind comments and support.....very much appreciated.  We have, of course, postponed our travel plans.  Waiting to hear the when and where for the funeral. 
Yesterday was a busy day of taking the furballs to the vet for their annual checkups.  My little Belle has been having elevated liver enzymes for awhile now.  Apparently they are high enough now that the vet wants us to consider running a few more test.  She is healthy in all other aspects and from what I have read it is not unusual for older dogs to have elevated liver enzymes for a variety of reasons.  Our vet said there was no rush...just something to think about and watch.  We decided to wait and see......give it 6 mons have her retested and go from there...unless of course she develops other symptoms.  Both dogs have lost was something the vet encouraged last year.  So I made some changes to their diet and looks like it paid off.  Now if I could only do that for myself....LOL!
The weather here has turned a bit to the nasty side.....colder temps, wind and rain, but supposed to warm back up a bit next week before the bottom drops and we head into the 30's.  I hope we are on our way south by then.

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  1. Our girls needed to lose some weight and it is so much easier to control their eating than mine. They are looking pretty good - me not so much. Love and prayers for all of your family at this time.


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