Monday, October 24, 2011

One week to go.....

Last few days have been full.  Sunday we laid my Uncle Ray to rest.  It was a day of sadness, but also one of laughter and smiles as we remembered the man we had all come to know and love.  As we said our final goodbyes to him, two fighter jets flew overhead.  The jets were for the homecoming football game about to start at Purdue University.....but somehow I felt... that was my Uncle saying his goodbye to us.  He always did like him that would have been....LOL!  My Aunt still wants us to come down on our way south and visit.  She wants to show us the place my Uncle loved and built.  So we will be leaving Indiana Nov 1st.
This will be a busy week as we have a few last minute projects we want to complete.  The first being some work in our shower.  It has one of those shower heads that slides up and down on a bar.  We had been noticing some rust dripping occasionally from where it mounts to the shower wall.  It was on our list to take it a part and check....yesterday Billy actually managed to pull it off the wall when he was wiping down the shower.  Found that the silicone seal had failed allowing water to get to the inside and rust out the mounting system.  We did some looking yesterday and can't find a replacement part.  Billy is using JB Weld to try and repair the mounting bracket so we can put it all back together.  The mounting system is all hidden by a decorative the repair doesn't have to look "pretty".  We will find out today if that works.
Another thing we have been taking a hard look at what we really need to "carry" down the road with us.  The basement is full....after much discussion we will be leaving a few things behind in storage this coming year.  One is my clothes drying rack (new washer/dryer :-) took care of that), another is a sander and sanding pads, our large air nail gun and a few "foo, foo" items from inside the house that I no longer have an attachment too.  We are also going to travel without our big outdoor burner.  Ya know the kind you hook up to your propane and can do big stuff like fry turkeys or shrimp boils.....we found we seldom use it.  I don't think we will miss any of it and it sure makes the basement storage easier to deal with.  Guess that's about it for now....keep your fingers crossed for us on the shower repair.......


  1. It has been our experience that the less you carry the happier you will be.

  2. We cleaned out a lot of "stuff" when we were in Montana this summer. I don't have much of anything left to get rid of. Jim and his tools are the big space users.

  3. After six years on the road, we're much lighter than when we started. It seems that every year when we do a cleaning we find more "stuff" that we thought we'd need but never use. I think that our lifestyle proves that we don't need so many material things to be happy!

  4. Good luck on the shower repair - hope it's an easy fix!


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