Monday, October 3, 2011

Back In Lafayette

Yesterday was a travel day....a bit longer this time.  We left Madison around 10am and arrived here in Lafayette around 2pm.  We decided not to take the interstate.....the 65 corridor between St Louis and Lafayette has heavy traffic....usually construction....and that ends up leading to a lot of accidents.  So, we stuck to the highways....and that worked well for us.  A nice relaxing drive through small towns and countrysides.  The only traffic we hit was around Bloomington.  There was a bit of construction going on there and it took awhile to weave through it and the traffic lights, but not too bad. 
Here we sit, once again, at the AOK campground.  They even had our same site waiting for us with a note on the office door.....Goode, Site 4!  We will probably be here around 3 weeks and then start our journey south.  I have to say...even with the repair work...I really enjoyed our little tour of Cincinnati and southern and northern Indiana.  I really enjoy "small town" America.  The relaxed pace, quaint downtowns, and the "Welcoming" feeling that prevails!  It is difficult sometimes to get a 40 foot fifthwheel down those twisty country roads, but it is so very worth it!! 

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  1. Glad to see you made it back safely to your home RV park. I had to look twice at that AOK name as I first thought you had mistype'd KOA!


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