Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Hitch, Bedroom AC

We are still in Elkhart, parked at Recreational Specialties.  It was a quiet holiday weekend for us, just the way we like it.  Come Tuesday morning, our new hitch was being installed in the back of our truck.  Not a simple procedure since the thing weighs in at around 400 lbs.  Can you say, forklift!  Our new hitch is a TrailerSaver Heavy duty version, made by Hensley Mfg.  It is a monster....take a look.....
It also came with a monster of a price tag, but hubby assures me it is worth it.  We are looking to buy a Semi to pull our fifth wheel and this new hitch is what we will be needing to make the switch.  With this new hitch, it was time to say goodbye to our Fifth Airborne pin box.....

 and replace it with a standard pin box.  We opted to add a shiny new cover to it...ain't we style-in now!

Next came the installation of our bedroom AC.  We have lived with one roof mounted AC for 5 yrs and finally made the decision that we needed to add a second one.  It has just been to dang hot!  Especially after a day of travel, the inside of the trailer would be over 100 degrees by the time we parked.  It would take most of the night for the one AC to bring the temp down to a comfortable level.
AAAHHHH....I can already feel those cooling breezes.......

There is more to stay tuned for more photos and more upgrades in the next blog!


  1. A friend of ours had that same hitch installed a couple of years ago. he loves it and says he will never go back to air pin boxes.

  2. Two things - you may need a rider on your insurance policy to cover the higher cost of the hitch (actually heard the insurance rep here at the Gypsy Journal Rally discussing adding it to a customer's policy - same hitch brand as you just got).

    Next, we will be in Elkhart next Monday till the end of the month!

    1. Thanks Donna for the insurance tip....we will look into that.


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