Sunday, November 18, 2012

San Antonio Here we come!

Today is our last day here in Beaumont.  Nothing exciting to report....making plans for our journey tomorrow to San Antonio.  It will be a longer than usual travel day for us...close to 5 we are hoping to get an early start.  Our little furballs just do not travel well at all.....lots of panting and "ants in their pants".  They ware me out just trying to comfort them.
If you remember, I mentioned we had an issue with our steps.  Here is a photo of our problem....
As you can see...we had a nasty crack.  We had to support the steps with a bottle jack to be able to continue to use them.  Luckily Bill found a welding shop here in Beaumont.  He took the steps to them and they were able to weld the crack and also "beefed up" the other side as well.  So...we are back in business! 
Here are a couple photos of our rv site here in Beaumont....
 Here is our site.....and below is a "street" view.
Guess that is all the news...I'm excited to move on to San Antonio.  We were there for a vacation back in the early 90's, looking forward to seeing what I remember and what has changed.......

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  1. We had a crack in the metal support under our steps too! Luckily, we could use the back door to go in & out of the RV! Tom was able to find a guy with a portable welder in the campground we were in, so that was lucky!


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