Wednesday, November 21, 2012

San Antonio

We arrived in San Antonio around 3pm on Monday.....staying at Traveler's World Rv Park.  The park is well kept, but the sites are small....but, boy this is one popular place.  It is only 3 miles from the riverwalk and I do think it is probably the best maintained park in the area.  There are quite a few permanent folks, but their sites are also well maintained.  Very friendly and helpful staff too.  I do recommend reservations....especially if you want a pull throw because most of the available sites are back ins.  Of course, we are here during Thanksgiving week so there are lots of folks traveling.  Here is a few pics of our site....
As you can see, we don't quite fit.  We have to put the tailgate down to clear the pin box to get that far in.  We do have a small concrete patio and the rv pad is pea gravel.  Fairly level.  This is an older park so lots of green.
This is our "hook up" side....another really close fit.  Our site is right at the entrance to the park.  So we do have lots of traffic to contend with....but I kinda like seeing all the rvs come in.....during peak check in time it is quite the little parade!  We had a Prevost motorcoach one we ain't exactly slumming here...LOL!
This is our door side.  Enough yard for the furballs to do their thing.  See our electric cord coming across the yard.  Well, our electric box....(which is on the hook up side)....couldn't use the fifty amp.  We have never run into this before, but the box was designed in such a way that the bottom lip of the box prevented us from being able to push our plug all the way into the socket.  I went into the office and they had maintenance come out and take a look....and one else had ever had this problem!  We both found that hard to believe.  Anyway, the box next to us was designed differently and we were able to plug into it with out a problem.  Hopefully they will not need to use that site while we are here.  Oh well, that is the "Goodelife" for I have said before...Murphy just loves us.  I told that to the maintenance guy and I could see he was actually looking around for this "Murphy" fellow when the light bulb went on and he said, "oh, you mean Murphy's law"...
Yesterday we headed down to the River Walk.  Decided to take the city bus as it stops practically right out our front door.  Not knowing exactly where we were...we did get off the bus a couple of stops too soon...but it was a beautiful day so a couple of extra blocks to walk didn't hurt us.  We checked out the Alamo and then meandered the river walk for a couple of hours.  We were back home by 3pm, fed the furballs, and decided we had better make a grocery run.  We had yet to buy our Thanksgiving turkey.  WOW and WOW!  I could not believe the masses of humanity at the grocery store.  We had to fight our way in and out, but we were victorious!  Found a nice fresh whole turkey breast.  Yes, we will have our Thanksgiving feast...just the two of us....Turkey and dressing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and noodles, and pumpkin roll with cream cheese icing for dessert! MMMmmmmm good!
Today; however, today I'm off to the San Antonio Zoo.
Happy Turkey, drink, and most importantly be MERRY and SAFE!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! San Antonio is a great place ot spend the holiday.

  2. Your feast sounds yummy! Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

  3. We both love San Antonio. We should be coming through there on our trip down south next year in February. It is hard for me to believe you are the first RV to park in that spot that could not plug in. We all have the same configuration of plugs! They must have thought you just fell off the turnip truck..

  4. We also stayed at Traveler's World about 5 years ago and we also took the bus downtown to see the Alamo and the Riverwalk. We really enjoyed San Antonio and hope to go back again someday.


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