Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Sun....The SUN!

Finally as we made our way to Little Rock......the sun popped out and the grey skies gave way to beautiful bright blue ones!  The temps quickly rose into the high 60's.  We are parked in North Little Rock in a small city park called Downtown Riverside RV Park.  We are in the "cheap seats" do to our passport America rate, but we can still see the river.  I plan to get out today with my camera so more about the park and the area next post.
Last night we headed out to the local walmart, one of our needed items....a gallon of milk.  We both bout dropped our teeth when we saw the price....$4.18 for a gallon of milk.  I'm guessing that price has to do with the horrible drought this past year.  Anyway....despite the high milk price, we plan on enjoying our 2 night stay here in North Little Rock!

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  1. We're paying a lot more for milk now, too (and with 2 teenage boys onboard, we go through about 4 gallons a week!)! I just assumed prices are higher here in the south . . . back in MI, I was paying $2.49/gallon (and that was up from the $1.99 it had been for several years), and now I'm paying anywhere from $3.29 to $4.59! It's sunny here in Myrtle Beach, too - love it!


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