Wednesday, November 14, 2012


We landed here in Beaumont safe and sound.  Staying in a nice rv park called Gulf Shores.  Concrete pads and patios....almost all sites are pull throughs.  We are not, however, anywhere near the water as the name implies.  It's fairly nice now, but it seems to me they have quite a few permanent and semi-permanent folks here.....and they are letting them collect quite a bit of "junk" around their trailers.  If that continues....this place will go down hill very quickly.  It's not that I mind the "more permanent folks"...heck I may be one myself one's all the "junk" that some seem to want to collect and store around their trailer. 
Our son Sam is here taking some classes on mold remediation and restoration.  We had lunch with him and his instructor yesterday.  It was a very interesting day, the instructor seems to really know his stuff and I think Sam is learning a lot.  After lunch, we toured a replica of an old oil "boom" town called Spindletop Glady's City Boomtown.  It houses a lot of antiques.  Many of these were damaged during a hurricane.  By the time the water had receded and the debris was cleared, many of the antiques (books, clothing, wall paper) were consumed with mold.  The instructor and his company were able to restore most of the items.....they have developed a new technology to accomplish really is a very exciting opportunity for Sam and his company as this new technology is a much less invasive and cost saving procedure then what has been traditionally available.  
Now, pardon the proud mama....but I just have to say....I'm so very proud of my son.  He started his company with next to nothing.  He has worked so hard and I am so impressed with his business sense.... and it is all starting to pay off.  He still has a ways to go, but he has the vision and the drive to make his company a success.....and that, my friends, is a very "Goode" thing! 


  1. I am so in agreement with you about those campsites with permanent dwellers on them. They do tend to put so much junk on their area, and frankly because of all that, my husband and I are tending to steer clear of campgrounds that even have permanent sites. We much prefer the state and national parks.

  2. Debbie,

    We spent a few days at Gulf Shores as well. We visited the Texas Firefighters Museum in the old Beaumont Fire station. Coming from a family of firefighters I really enjoyed it. They have several pieces of antique equipment and aparatus on display and it is all free. Plus outside is the worlds largest fire hydrant. We didn't see the worlds largest dog but we kept our eyes open for him. LOL

  3. Where did you stay in Longview??? Sherri and I were just there getting our hitch put on the Jeep. Have fun...


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