Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Headed last.....

Wow....we left Lafayette around 2:30pm Tuesday!  Never imagine we would be that late getting out of town, but "it takes what it takes" and things just took longer then expected!  Just glad to be on the road again.  We arrived in Cincinnati that evening and set up in the parking lot of Precision Temp...for the repair of our on demand hot water heater.  We are NOT boondockers....but we managed to survive the night although we did find out that our batteries do need to be replaced.  They are just not holding or charging like they used to do!  Kinda like us....we don't recharge as well as we used to either...LOL!  The Precision folks took great care of us and our hot water heater is working great....back on the road by early afternoon.  Unfortunately the rain caught up with us and we had a very wet travel day.....stopped here in Georgetown, Kentucky at the Whispering Hills Rv Park.  Nice little park....certainly adequate for a night or two.  We decided on two!  Got lucky, as the rain let up just long enough for us to get set up.  After I fed the furballs and got them settled, it was time to go in search of dinner for the two of us.  What a find I found!  A great little restaurant, Wilshire's.  The Wilshires saved the historic home of John Payne, restored as much of as they could and turned it into the restaurant.  We had the most fabulous evening and dinner, with a really sweet waitress who told us all about the history and the resident GHOST....yes, apparently they hear the former owner, Mr Payne walking around the place from time to time.  It is just beautiful!  Tomorrow we will drive into Georgetown and check it out....then maybe a drive into nearby Lexington.  Hoping to get some photos tomorrow to share here on the blog....then it is back on the road to Florida come Friday.  LIFE IS GOODE!


  1. It is true that I wish I held a charge as well as my batteries:)

  2. If you're checking out Lexington go to the Horse Park. They have a lovely RV park there for the future.


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