Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mount Vernon KY

We spent last Friday and Saturday in Mount Vernon at the Renfro Valley RV park.  It is a passport America park, but unfortunately not on the, we definitely feel as though we overpaid!  But...there is not much else to choose from in this area and the grounds are beautiful.  I spend quite a bit of time out and about with my camera.....
This babbling brook was practically right out our many colorful birds here!  These guys were having a pool party!
Awesome green and lush...spring has come to Renfro Valley

 Under that bridge were 50 or so Barn Swallow Nest and the birds were amazing to fast!
This guy was giving me the "eye"!
These beautiful birds were dancing about in the sunshine.....loved watching them play.

We left Renfro Valley on Sunday.  We normally don't like traveling on Sundays but we wanted to have a full 4 nights at Winton Woods in Cincinnati.  If you ever find yourself in Cincinnati, Ohio we highly recommend this park.  Large full hookup sites with beautiful surrounds...walking/biking trails, kayaking, fishing.  I, of course, found my way back to the zoo yesterday.  Got a lucky break on all the rain and had a sunshiny day yesterday.  Thursday we make the final leg of our journey into Lafayette, Indiana.  Can't wait to see my family and friends......I leave you with a few more photos of one of my favorite zoos
Sweet Baby Gorilla....just hanging around.....
A shot of Spring for those snow weary northern folks.....
I know this is what you all will be doing once the sun finally shines for you....AAAWWWW!  Bring it on!

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  1. We have stayed in that park and think it is pricey, but as you said not many choices.


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