Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

Oh, I just couldn't resist........
This is Cosmo....doing his Easter Bunny Impression!
I think it is rather a good one
Don't You

We have been rather laid back these past couple of days. simply bending over the sink to wash my hair....I managed to pull or tear a muscle above my left hip.  I can't tell you how excruciating the pain has been.  Yesterday, it seemed the slightest movement set it off.  Today, I seem to be a little better.  Planning to continue to rest and hopefully it will continue to improve.  
Poor Bill had to be 'in charge' of the furballs all day yesterday.  I couldn't bend over to do anything for them.....heck...I couldn't even get dressed by myself.  He was a real trooper though.....took good care of me and the furkids!  Thanks Honey!  I did manage to limp over to the free pancake breakfast the rv park put on Saturday.  It was good, but the best thing was getting to know our fellow rv'ers.  We learn so much from one another!  

Happy Easter...Ya'll!


  1. Your own personal Easter Bunny. How fun. Amazing how the slightest movement can wreck havoc on our bodies anymore. Sure hope you are feeling much better quickly.

    1. Thanks guys.....getting older has had some perks.....but the whole 'body falling apart thing'...well, that sucks!


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