Saturday, April 12, 2014

Travel time......soon!

Excitement abounds here in the Goode household.  We will be pulling out on Monday, heading North to Indiana.  Bill is busy outside checking tires, lights, and re-organizing the 'basement'.  I'm defrosting the freezers, cleaning house, and doing laundry.  The furbabies are looking good as I groomed and bathed them yesterday.   Tomorrow we will be saying our goodbyes to family and friends.  My oh my how the time do fly!  It was a great winter!  After you sit in one spot a always worry if the wheels will go round once ya hook up and head out.....LOL!

Looking forward to the journey, we always try to find new places to see and explore.  Praying the weather cooperates and we don't run into any bad storms or SNOW!  I'll be posting more frequently....reporting on our adventures with plenty of photos and links to the rv parks along the way.  Who knows....maybe I'll be seeing you along the way too! 

Cosmo is holding his own.....feeling so much better after his dental work.  We have his medical records and x-rays of his leg and back.  That will be first up after we arrive back in Indiana.....meeting with his vet and seeing what we can do to help stabilize his back and legs.  Thanks for all the support and prayers....we do so appreciate it.  Here's to a safe journey with lots of new and interesting things to see and do along the way!

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