Friday, April 18, 2014

Perry, GA

We are in Perry GA at the Fair Harbor Rv Park.  Pretty nice place....a lot bigger then it looks.  Fairly quiet (you can hear a bit of the interstate noise), but close to shopping and dining.
We have a nice corner lot with lots of green for the furballs!

Our site is a nice long pull through, but there are some really nice back-ins overlooking the pond area too.  We like being out in the open so we can get our satellite tv up and running without issue.  We originally were set to stay til Monday, but decided to add a couple more nights.  

Yesterday was a really nice day and we took a stroll through the downtown and then headed over to Robins Air Force Museum.  It is free and it is pretty large.  We only did about half and figure we would go back and do the rest Monday.  I'll share some photos on that next post.

Today it has done nothing but RAIN and then RAIN some more.  At least the temps are in the mid 50's....a bit chilly but doable.  Tonight the ground is really step out and into water that comes up over your shoe or flipflops in my case.  Taking the dogs out to the potty is quite the we are all pretty well soaked when we come back in!  I don't think this mess is clearing out till Sunday.  Oh least nothing severe to worry and that is a blessing!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!

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