Wednesday, June 18, 2008

June 17, 2008

We said our goodbyes to the remaining rv rally folks and gave all a BIG HUG. Sure hate to see it come to an end. We pulled out around 9am and planned to travel about 200 miles today.

We arrived at Pin Oaks Creek Campground
around 2pm. You can see the two furballs posing for me in their rally
scarves just after we set up. This is a very nice park with a nice pond that you can walk around and explore. Cosmo wanted to go wading, but I was not up for the clean up. We are only staying the one night and the spot was level enough that we didn't even have to unhitch! Only one complaint, they charge for their wifi. That is the first time we ran into that, so needless to say we didn't use the wifi. I decided to try something new for dinner tonight. We had an aluminum bag for cooking on the grill. So I filled it with pork chops, sliced potatoes and carrots. Threw in some seasonings and one hour

later we had an excellent dinner with easy clean up. Next time, I will cook it on a lower flame--we did get a few burnt edges on some of the potatoes. None the less, it sure tasted good! Tomorrow we plan on another short trip. I really like only going 200 to 300 miles in a day---makes for a much more relaxed driving experience. Billy seems to drive at a little slower pace and we don't feel so pressured when we make our pit stops to eat and exercise the pups.

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