Monday, June 16, 2008

Finally, here are some pictures of our Hillbilly Party. That is Howard and Linda accepting a small plaque with words of appreciation on it from the RV-Dreams family.
These guys are part of the group that entertained us the evening. The little guy on the left was a real HOOT! We also had a Hillbilly contest that night.
Several folks put on their best hillbilly look for the evening. The other "big event" that happened that evening was the drawing for the raffle. It was a 50/50 raffle. Half went to keeping the rv-dreams web site up and running and the other half went to the winning ticket. Bill and I NEVER win anything--it is just not "in the cards" for us. We did talk about what we would do IF we did win, but we never thought it would happen. We had decided we would donate our portion back to Howard and Linda. They do so much for all of us. Well, I'm sure you know where this is going----Our name was drawn as the winners. I think we were both in shock. It took a few minutes for us to realize we had won. I walked up to accept the money $500 big ones and then promptly returned the money back to Linda and Howard. They were very touched by our gift. It was the right thing to do. Several folks came up and told us how great it was that we had chosen to give back, but we also found a lot of other folks who were going to do the same thing if they had won. We were truly blessed that evening. Some folks may not understand, but all of us RV-Dreamers--we know---because we know Howard and Linda. As I said, It was the right thing to do!

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