Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Thanks for the comments and the questions and keep um coming. I love hearing from all of you! Several have inquired about our repairs on our Americana. I'm happy to report that we will be taking our unit to Elkhart next Monday. I plan on "blogging" all! Stay tuned for more on that. Today's mail held our check for the items we sent to auction a few weeks back. I was not expecting much and I was not disappointed. The good news is it's gone and it won't be coming back. I know many of you have gone through this process or are soon to be going through it. I get questions all the time of "how I let go" of all that stuff! Well, I guess you have to be ready. I took a good look at all my stuff and realized that it was just STUFF! Some of it I could not even tell you why I kept or had to have in the first place. To me, it has been a rather "freeing" experience. As to the photos and sentimental items (like my son's first shoes), my mother has graciously offered to store them for me. But, I have been careful there too and I have kept those items down to a minimum. When my son arrives home, we will go through some of those "treasures" and see what he is interested in keeping and what we can let go. I'll admit it can all be a little overwhelming at times. That is why after liquidating my business last year I was just "to tired" to start on the house. We saved it for this spring. I now wish that I had not---I was on a roll last year and I should have just kept right on rolling, but that's life. Just take it one day at a time and sooner or later you get through it! I do know one thing. We made the right decision to full time. I love my little home on wheels and I can't wait to get back on the road again!

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