Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Monday, June 23 2008

Not much to report today. I had a doctor's appointment in the am. Nothing major just a check on a small spot on my leg. Turned out to be scar tissue most probably from a bite by those pesky noseems down in Florida. When we were parked next to the water at my Uncle's Marina, they just about ate me alive. I think Florida is one place we have probably ruled out as a permanent home. Too many bugs!! I'm looking forward to trying out Arizona this winter to see how it compares. After my doctor's appointment, hubby and I had a nice lunch at Arni's our favorite pizza place. Next, it was over to Purdue University in West Lafayette. My son, Sam, will be attending there in the fall. He is presently unable to be on campus, so I was elected to go over and sign him up for some classes. It was kinda funny actually. I had made a 2:30 appointment with Sam's counselor. He came out to the waiting room, called my name, and looked down right puzzled as I stood before him. Maybe it was all my gray hair, not your average college student. Anyway, once he got past all that we sat down and figured out Sam's courses for the fall semester. It is so exciting, almost like I'm going back to school. Anyway, hope he is happy with my choices. Well, that was all the excitement for today. The weather here has sure been wonderful. It was so cold and rainy when we arrived home in April. It is currently in the low 70's with low humidity and lots of sunshine----just beautiful. Unfortunately, the heat and the humidity will be back----probably by tomorrow..........


  1. I lived in FL off & on for over 25 years (all 3 of my kids were born there). I can't take the bugs & humidity...MUCH prefer the drier western states.

    I will be wintering in AZ again this year...loved it and still so much more of the state to see!

  2. We have lived in Naples, FL since 2001 and don't find the bugs too bad. However, they do spray for the mosquitoes. You can hear the planes flying overhead late at night! However, when I walk in the grass I do get bitten around the ankles by the "noseeums". The humidity is horrible in the summer, but much dryer in winter when there is no rain for several months. Arizona will be colder in the winter than Florida, especially at night when it gets down to freezing or below. We have never been near freezing in Naples.


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