Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wow, sorry it has been so long since the last post. We just now have internet. The last park we were at was in Chatham, IL. There is a picture of our camp site at left. It was a very nice park called the Double J Campground.
Unfortunately, they did not have free wifi and we didn't feel like setting up the satellite for one night. We finally arrived back in Indiana on Thursday evening, June 19th. We parked the fiver up at the river lot, packed up a few things and headed to the stick house. We plan on getting the house on the market in the very near future, but right now we have a few rooms to paint and some improvements to finish up. So, we will be staying at the house for the next few weeks to get it ready for sale. Friday, we headed back up to the river and the fiver. Hubby wanted to wash the bugs off and I needed to clean on the inside. I never feel like doing much cleaning when we are in travel mode, so it was good to run the sweeper and such. I also rounded up a few more items to take back to the house. Saturday, we went over to see my folks and help them move some furniture. They are having carpet laid on Monday. Sunday we visited with my son. He is doing well and is looking forward to attending Purdue University this fall. That is pretty much it. As you can see, we have been busy since we arrived here. Tomorrow, hubby will call Americana to make our appointment for our repairs. We have quite a list, mostly small stuff. The big item is our leaf springs and possibly our axle. It will be interesting to see how all is handled and I'll be sure and post as it unfolds. One last issue. As I stated we just got online a little while ago. We have a tripod satellite system. We have no problem setting the thing up and getting it pointed, but sometimes it takes forever to pass the cross pol test. Don't ask me to explain that, it is just part of the procedure you must go through when you set up. Of late, it seems to take forever to get the test to even run let alone pass. After 3 days of trying unsuccessfully, we finally decided to try another satellite coordinate and this time managed to "pass" the test. After passing, you must re align to your assigned satellite. We did and FINALLY we are up and running. I wish there was a better option for us and our internet service. We did our homework and felt that the tripod system was the way we needed to go. Once it is up and running I have no complaints, but I just wish it were a little easier to set up. I guess it is all part of the rv "learning curve"!!

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