Monday, August 17, 2009

Up with the Chickens? Well, not exactly. We had a rather leisurely morning of coffee around a nonexistent campfire. Yeah, that is what I said....a nonexistent campfire. It is a little too warm for a campfire these days, but we all still seem to gather around the fire pit to make plans for the day.

My brother, Chris, loves to take canoe trips down the river. The plan was set and around 2pm the guys carried the canoes down to the river and myself, Chris, Dad, and Shirley set out on our little water adventure. No, DH is not big on canoeing or the river so he choose to stay behind and look after the furballs. I suspect napping was high on his list of things to do while we were gone. It will take about 3 hours to complete our journey down the river. Dad and Shirley were in one canoe and Chris and I in the other. We women sat in the front of the canoes and let the guys do most of the work at the back end. The river is really several places you can actually walk across. Fortunately, Chris does this all the time and knows the river well. Except for the occasional scraping of a rock, we all did just fine. Chris also shared his “secret spot” with us. There is a small outcropping of a little grassy knoll and a small spring trickles down from the forest above. We parked the canoes on the knoll and walked up the spring into the woods. The water was clear and cold....the woods cool and inviting.....a great place for us all to relax and munch on our sandwiches and drinks. After our lunch, it was back to the canoes. It took us about another 30 minutes to reach the bridge where we had left the truck and the canoe trailer. We loaded everything up and drove back to our river lot. I hadn’t floated down that river in about 20 was a beautiful relaxing day and the fact that I got to do it with my brother, Shirley, and Dad just made it all the more special.

Once again we found ourselves around our imaginary campfire, but finally we decided to move and relocated under Dad’s motorhome’s awning. He had the tv on and the guys started watching some sporting events. We had some unexpected visitors around 8:30. Some old friends dropped by for a chat on their way home from dinner. After visiting and then seeing them on their way, it was time for our dinner. Yep, a late dinner. I think it was close to 10pm by the time we finished eating and cleaning up. It was not long after dinner that all of us were heading to the showers and then to bed. I could not believe how tired I was, but it was a good kinda tired......guess that’s what good old fashioned fun and fresh air will do for ya!

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  1. What a nice day! Sherri and I love to go out in our boat...blow up but it is fun to paddle around on the creeks or coves. I have to get my fishing license so I can do some fishing.


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