Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I took you'alls advice!

Yes, I did....and I had another one of those great margaritas!  We had such a nice time with our friends, Arlene and Kevin.  Great conversation and great food...just can't beat that!  I managed to "pace" myself a little better with this margarita and after dinner we did a little window shopping in downtown Palm Springs.  Window shopping is about all we could afford to do there....pretty pricey stuff, but fun to look at anyway.  It was a wonderfully warm and comfortable evening.

Thought you might like to see an update on the Pelican painting.....

Its coming along nicely I think.  I spent some time on the palm leaves and am now working on all those wing feathers.  Those have been a bit challenging, but I think I have a handle on them now so hopefully things will move a bit faster.


  1. The pelican looks like it is coming along nicely. Guess the previous margarita story was before I found your I'm intrigued and will have to go back and see what that is all about LOL!! But glad you paced yourself this time.

  2. He's really beautiful. I am looking forward to seeing the wing feathers.

  3. Glad you had a good time at Las Casuela's - and, a Margarita to boot! The Pelican painting is coming along nicely!


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