Saturday, October 1, 2011

Downtown Madison Indiana

What an enjoyable day I had yesterday.  I took myself and my camera to downtown Madison.....look what I found.....
 Beautiful Homes
 Chocolate Shop....good thing it was closed...he,he!
 Lovely Old Fountain
 Places of Relaxation....sooth the body and the soul
 My Favorite Flowers
 Secret Gardens
 Another Quaint Shop...this one sells handmade soaps
 I spent most of my afternoon roaming the streets of downtown.  Stopped in at the local coffee shop and had my first taste of apple cider...mmmmmm good!  I love Fall...all it sights and sounds, and favorite time of year. 


  1. Great pictures...very nice buildings. I like the idea of a hot apple cider...ummm...good, especially with lots of cinnamon. Thanks for the tour of downtown Madison.

  2. ha! I like the bubbles on the soap shop! :)

  3. Fall is my favorite time too. Lovely looking town. Enjoy your travels.

  4. I like your posting style~ I would have been in that soup shop for hours...and probably would have come out with a big bag of goodies! K


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