Monday, October 17, 2011

Trip to the County Clerk

Our time here in Indiana is growing short.  We plan on leaving sometime the week of the 24th and heading down to Kentucky to visit my Aunt and Uncle for a few days.  Then we will continue our journey south....that's about all we have planned at this point.  We have been busy trying to get all those "little" things done before we go.  One of those was to obtain a certified marriage certificate.  As many of you know, we need to get our South Dakota driver's license renewed next year.  You now need two IDs to prove your identity and if you are a married woman, one of those may need to be a "certified" marriage certificate.  For that, we had to go down to our Tippecanoe county courthouse.  Upon our arrival to the courthouse...once through the "strip search" check point!  We headed to the county clerk's office and were directed to this dark and dingy little room.  A nice woman sat behind the desk and ask our year of marriage....while I stammered trying to my surprise quickly responded with 1979.  Well, ain't that special...a guy who actually remembers the year he was married!  While the clerk was busily entering the info, my eyes were scanning around the depressing little room the poor lady is trapped in.....when, to my surprise, I spy a familiar poster up on the wall.  It is a poster of "painted pigs"....a fundraiser some 8 or 10 years ago I participated in.  Giant fiberglass pigs were given to area artist and other groups to paint and then those pigs were eventually put up at auction.  I walked over to the poster for a closer look and sure enough there was "Petunia" and right under her photo was my name.  I, of course, pointed out this little find to the clerk....informing her she has a "celebrity" sitting in the room.....LOL!  Thought you guys might want a look at my "claim to fame".....

Wish I had better photos, but I did the best I could with my little camera at the time.  Seeing the poster brought back some happy memories of "Petunia", she did very well at auction....made her "mama" proud!


  1. So, now do we call you the Goode Pig Lady?? :)

  2. Cute pig!

    We got our first SD drivers license last year. I must have had all the documents I needed because it went easily. Have things changed since last year I am wondering. Don't remember presenting my marriage certificate.


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