Saturday, March 31, 2012

On the Mississippi

We got an early start (for us) yesterday, left around 9:30am.  The trip was pretty uneventful with the exception of some rough roads and a little rain here and there.  We had been planning on spending the night in Southaven....just south of Memphis, but the camp host stopped by in the morning as we were hooking up and suggested Tom Sawyer's RV Park.
It is located just west of Memphis...across the Arkansas.  I checked out their website and it looked good...called and they did have a nice big pull through available.  So here we are, once again, right on the water....the mighty Mississippi!
 We are on the second row, but this is our view out the front door.  But we can also see the river from our back window.
The sites on the left have the "front row seat" of the river and nice concrete pads to park on...we are on the right..still a nice site with gravel.
As you can see....plenty long enough and level.  Nice spacing between the sites and enough grass for the furballs.  We plan on being here one more night.
Before we left Okatoma, I did a little bike ride down to their lower pond area.  Had my camera...and was looking for a photo opp.  Should have been watching the ground cause I stepped right into a fire ant nest.  Bit me pretty good on my left ankle is a little swollen and it still burns and itches.  Using Cortizone-10 to stop the itching and burning.   When we arrived here at Tom Sawyer's they told us they had seen a few poisonous snakes....I've got my eyes WIDE open this time!


  1. 9:30 is definitely early for us also. We've heard good things about the Tom Sawyer Park but snakes and fire ants rank really high on my do not like scale.

  2. We really enjoy that campground and sure would like to go back:)


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