Sunday, March 4, 2012

It was a just a little hole.....

Well, what can I say...except....we is still here!  Yeah, Billy is still trying to finish "buttoning up" the underside.  He had a bit of a set back the other day....accidentally drilled a small hole in the freshwater tank.  Ok....stop laughing...its not THAT funny!  At any rate, with a little research he did manage to figure out how to patch it and all is good.  Everything is pretty much back together...just a few small pieces to put into place.  
This past week, here in Tampa, has been a warm one.  Last night...the winds blew in and so did a cold front.  Stayed in the 60's today, but I didn't mind..kinda refreshing.  It will be back in the 80's again by the end of the week.  
I appreciate all the worries about us traveling north this time of year....we will be careful and we will keep a close eye on the weather.   I just can't believe all the tornadoes that have all ready been reported....scary stuff.


  1. Sure glad you hadn't headed north yet. And I agree - it's not funny to have even little holes in the tanks.

  2. I'm thinking a small hole in the fresh water tank is a lot better than a hole in the black tank! :)

  3. OOPS ~ stuff happens!!! lol lol Glad yoou got it fixed... We are also headed north in about 4 weeks...Where are you guys going? Glad you made it through the BIG winds ~ they were brutal!
    Have fun & Travel safe


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