Friday, March 23, 2012

On The Road

Finally pulled out of Tampa yesterday around noon!  It was a busy morning.  We had planned on doing most of our "outside" work the night before, but mother nature had different plans.  It just poured down rain most of the evening.  That meant we had plenty to do before "take off" on Thursday.  It is true, ya know, "the longer you sit...the more you spread out".  I'm not talking about your waistline...I'm talking about all the "stuff" that slowly makes its way out of your basement and cabinets.  It gave us quite the workout....I know we were both exhausted before we pulled out.  Fortunately, we knew we were only planning on our usual 4 hour travel day.  Unfortunately, the rv park we had planned on staying....full.  I found another though, just up the road.  It is just 4 miles west of Perry, Florida called Rocky's Campground.  Nothing fancy...but clean, full hook ups, and fairly quiet.  Grass sites and we have a pull through that was long enough and level enough that we didn't even unhook the truck.  We decided to stay two nights...we were both so tired yesterday the thought of pulling out in the morning.....well, not gonna happen.  Once we were parked I stepped inside our fifth wheel and things were NOT as I left them.  The dining room table had managed to tip over....that was no has happened before.  What I was not expecting was to find one of my shower doors...out of the shower and leaning across the bedroom slide.  That was a first!  The thing is our trip was pretty uneventful.  No rough roads, or sharp turns, or last minute stops.  Yes, I did have it properly secured..doors closed and latched.  Obviously, I"m going to have to do something different next time.  May have to get a little "duck tape" involved to keep the door securely in its track.  We were lucky though..nothing broken.  I managed to get the thing back on its track and working.  
I'm watching the weather this am and it is looking like we may need to extend our stay one more night to avoid the massive storm front that is northwest of us.  Just have to "wait and see" and that one.  Oh yeah...ATT cell service and wifi....not happening here.  Our Verizon wifi card is working and the campground does offer free wifi...which seems to be working fine.  I'll get out and about today and get some photos of our site and surroundings for tomorrow....

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