Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Too Beautiful for Words.....

I promised a photo of our site....so here ya go....
 Today we will be moving to a new site for one more night here in Navarre.  It is a beach site....so I'll have more site pics for my next post.
Yesterday we went over to the large public beach...Emerald Beach.  I love our little beach here at the resort, but if you want to really see the ocean in all its wonder...well check it out....and  DAD, yes I love the white sand and the turquoise water!

 I love these seagulls with the all black heads....they look all "dressed up" for an evening "on the town"...LOL!

 Can anyone say "Spring Break"....and that is why I like my little "private beach" back at the park!  And Yes...the park is very friendly...very well run....and VERY POPULAR.  The office told me they are all ready booked for next March.  We have been talking about making a reservation for next December....still pondering on that....


  1. It is bveautiful ~ we spent last summer up in that area... LOVED it!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  2. Love that seagull...I have never seen one like that. Maybe they don't live on the west coast?? Very pretty.

  3. Looks really nice -- I'm SO jealous! I want to be on the beach!!


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