Thursday, March 15, 2012

Yacht Club

Last weekend we spent a couple of days over in Tierra Verde at the Yacht Club.  My Aunt and Uncle took us over on their boat.  Beautiful place and I got some great photos of the wildlife.  We had stopped to gas up the boat and a fisherman was right behind us cleaning his catch of the day.  He was throwing the scraps back into the you can imagine he had quite an audience.
 The pelicans were lining up......
 Look at that wing span.....awesome stuff!
 Next came the seagulls and they literally "hovered" above the boat....
 Catching a bird in flight is fairly difficult....these guys made it easy!
 Oh yeah, the Egrets were there too!  This guy was protecting his "spot" from the others.....and put on quite a show!


  1. Great photos ! Thanks for posting.

  2. Wonderful photos! Great shots! www/

  3. I love these pictures. They are so detailed. Where did you get your yacht club flags? Do you know? I really love these pictures. They're gorgeous and you captured a lot of beautiful things!


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