Thursday, September 20, 2012

Are we there yet?

Well folks, didn't make it to Utica.  We were about an hour or so down the road, when we pulled off into a rest area.  Bill has been monitoring our new oil bath bearings closely and turns out that was a very good thing.  He found all 4 tires very low on oil.....and he had just "topped them off" before we left the campground in Birch Run.  Time to regroup our travel plans.  I checked the mileage and found we were only about an hour away from Elkhart and our repair shop.  So, Bill refilled the bearings with more oil and we headed for the repair shop.  Upon arrival, Bill found the bearings to be almost dry.....all 4 bearings were leaking from the back...the seals....the brand new seals....were failing.  Ron and his group were great, before the day was over they had determined what our problem was....the seals were for greased bearings not oil bath.  That was not their fault as Bill was the one who had provided the seals.  Somehow he ordered the wrong ones.  Ron told us he we have the new seals by morning and should have us ready to go again by noon tomorrow (Wednesday).  True to his word.....he did.  We opted to stay another night and leave this morning once again heading to Starved Rock State Park in Illinois.  Sure hope, "Murphy" gives us a break and allows us to complete our journey today!  I swear, our tires have been off this fifth wheel more then they have been on these past couple of weeks...LOL!


  1. Good thing you were relatively close to RV service. Save travels from here out!

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by yesterday...really enjoyed finally meet you both. Hope we can visit longer next time around. Hugs to you both!!


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