Monday, September 10, 2012

Pulled into Markin Glen County Park in Kalamazoo Michigan, yesterday around 4pm.  It is a very nice little park with full hook ups and larger than normal sites.  Love the level concrete pad and all the green space.
Here is a look at the last of our little repairs and upgrades we had done in Elkhart.....
The repair of our "boo-boo" from our Texas stay.  All that is left is a small scratch on that trim strip.  We opted not to replace that whole strip for one little imperfection.  The main repair was filling the hole in the fiberglass and painting.  They did a great job!
After our incident with the bearing fail,  Billy decided to upgrade our "hubs" and put in oil bath bearings.  We did notice a little leakage from a couple of the seals yesterday....hoping that does not continue.  Billy knew that was one of the drawbacks to this type of bearing, but he wanted to give them a try.  I guess time will tell on these guys.
We also had our old antenna replaced and some new p-traps put into place.  The p-traps are called Hepvo Waterless Valves.  Just follow the link, to learn all about them.  We were having a problem with sewer odor seeming to come behind the washer/dryer area.  Everyone suspected it was due to the p-trap drying out in between laundry days.  The odor was most pronounced when Billy was emptying the black tank.  I happy to say, since the Hepvo was installed, no more odor!
Today we will be heading up to Frankenmuth, an area I have been waiting to visit for quite some time.  So excited to explore the area.....and the weather has been awesome....crisp, clear fall air....LOVE IT!

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  1. The Hepvo valve looks very interesting. Might have to read more about it.


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