Sunday, September 23, 2012

Utica Illinois

The past few days have been a blast here in Utica, Illinois.  We are staying at Hickory Hollow Rv park....just a few miles from Starved Rock.  I have been visiting with some of my "artsy" friends that I had connected with online.  It has been wonderful....sharing our art, love, and laughter with one another!  Today Bill and I are going to head over to Starved Rock and hopefully do a little hiking.  The weather has been rather cold and gloomy of late, but today looks to be sun shiny bright! 
Tomorrow will be a travel to visit some of our "rv" friends.  So excited to see them again......

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  1. I lived in Chicago for 54 yr. Starved Rock is a favorite weekend vacation place. We had a travel trailer parked at a campground in Marseilles and we had a pontoon boat docked at Starved Rock Marina. Enjoy your time at Starved Rock.


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