Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Starved Rock....Visiting friends.....

We had a beautiful day at Starved Rock....but it was a pretty long one.  In fact, Bill is now referring to the experience as the "death march"....LOL!  We kinda got lost and in our humble opinion, neither the maps or the trail markings were very clear to us.  When we finally came out into a parking lot, we could not find our truck.  We realized we were in the wrong parking lot and so back in the woods we went.  Finally arrived in the correct parking area and found the truck....both of us pretty well "done in"! 
We are currently in a little rv park called Galesburg East Campground in Illinois.  Not a bad spot, but it is fairly tight for larger rigs.  We have been visiting with some rv friends we made on one of our Arizona winters.  It has been so nice visiting with them again.  Today we are taking the furballs out to their farm where they can run to their hearts content.  Who am I kidding, those two are the original "couch potatoes" of all time....LOL!  There may be a little waddling, but I seriously doubt I'll see any running!  Ha!

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