Saturday, November 3, 2012

Satellite Issues.....

Our journey to Litchfield was uneventful.....just the way we like it!  But.....but...."Murphy" sure does seem to love us.  Yesterday our outside steps gave way.  They are only two years old and a weld has cracked on one of the supports.  We found that we can put blocks under the bottom step and if we stay to the side that is still supported we can still use the steps.  Which is a good thing....cause I can't imagine climbing in and out of the fifth wheel without them.  We are hoping we can get by until we land in Texas.  Then we can figure out if we can repair them or if we just need to replace them altogether. 
Our next issue with Mr. Murphy is our direct tv set up.  We had been having increasing difficulties with "tuning" in our signal and then one day we found we could only pull in one of the two signals needed.  We have a second tuner box in the bedroom so we hooked it up and had no difficulty in finding the signal....we checked out both cable leads on this box and had no problems with either.  So.....we naturally figured that the original tuner box in the living room was defective.  Called Direct tv and they sent us a new one, hooked it up and everything was fine.  No problems the whole time we were in Indiana.  In our set up yesterday, we begin having the same problems with this new tuner box that we had with the old.  We hooked up the bedroom tuner and once again we quickly and easily found the signal.  Finding it hard to believe that we had yet another bad box we begin playing with the cables, trying to determine which if any where bad.  This was a long and very confusing process.  Every time we thought we had the problem isolated....we would switch to the new box and NOPE that is not it either.  Finally...quite by accident...I discovered that moving around one of the cables from the wall outlet to the box would cause the signal to come and go.  It seems we have a bad connector in the wall outlet.  I managed to twist the cable into a position that held the signal and it is still working this am.  Billy will replace the faulty connector today and hopefully that will take care of our problem.  MURPHY....please go play with someone else!
The weather here is still cold and last night I awoke to the sound of a thunderstorm complete with hail and heavy downpour.  Fortunately, it only lasted a short time.....maybe that means a warm front is trying to move into the area.  That would be a very "Goode" thing!  LOL!

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  1. Sorry we were busy for a few days and are finally just getting caught up on our blog reading. I just wish I had read this post before you left Indiana as Elkhart is RV Central when it comes to building and repairing RVs.

    Regarding the steps on the trailer they are made of metal and anything that is metal can be repaired by welding it. The only time you would replace it is if it is mangled into a ball from an accident. Any repairman that says it can't be repairedis not worth his weight in salt. After working over 40 years in the industry I should know what I am saying to be true. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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