Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Change of Plans

Originally, I thought we would be in the Keys by now, but turns out I had my Thanksgiving "date" all messed up.  I thought Thanksgiving was this upcoming Thursday....oops....what can I say, ever since we have been fulltiming I seem to have a hard time with the calendar.  Mainly because I never really pay much attention to it.  Not only do I typically not know what day it is, but I also have trouble knowing what city or state I'm waking up in on some days....LOL!  Anywhooo....we will be leaving Tampa tomorrow.  We will be taking the fifth wheel and following my Dad in his motorhome.  It will be the first time Dad and I have "traveled" together with our rigs.  I'm so looking forward to it!  This Thanksgiving will be a special one.  Bill and I usually are "on the road" somewhere celebrating with just us two, I mean four, can't forget the furballs.  Thanksgiving is one of their favorite holidays....they love turkey! 
Glad we were able to work this out so we can spend the holiday with family and friends....and in such a beautiful place!  Once again...so blessed....with this "GoodeLife" on the road!

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