Monday, November 25, 2013


Yes we made it to the Keys and I am having a fabulous time!  Playing a little catch-up here on the blog....wanted to share a campground we stayed at in Miami and some photos of the Miami Zoo we visited.  The campground is the Larry and Penny Thompson Memorial Park and Campground.  It is very nice, but not very "big rig" friendly.  Sites are predominately back in and tight.  We have a 4o foot rig and it is "doable" but take it slow and have someone outside your rig making sure you are clear of concrete post and trees!  LOL!

The sites are set up in "pods" each pod resembling a wagon wheel with sites being the "spokes"
This is us.....
and here is my Dad's site
Our trip to the Miami Zoo was great and I do recommend a visit if you are in the area.  It is large so plan to spend the day.....
Here is Bill enjoying his day at the zoo!
Not sure what this guy is trying to accomplish....but hang in there dude!
Gorgeous Toucan!
and my favorite a Harpy Eagle.  He (or she) is awesome!
More to come on the Keys and some more photos next time!




  1. Jim's sister volunteered at that zoo for over 30 years. She talks about rescuing the animals when the hurricanes came through.

  2. Wow.....good for her! Sure do need good people like her taking care of the animals.

  3. WE have stayed at Larry and Penny's several times. Great way to see Miami!


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