Saturday, November 9, 2013


Uneventful travel day.....well, except for taking the wrong exit!  Our garmin has finally bitten the dust. problem....been using my "smart" phone.  Apparently we are not as smart as it is!  Ha!  We were looking for Exit 1 for our campground.  Suddenly we see signage that I75 goes to the left and I24 goes to the right.  The smart phone is strangely quiet....Billy thinks we may need to go right, I was certain we stayed on 75.  At least I was certain right up to the time Billy started questioning my "certainty".  So, at the last minute I told him to take I24.....WRONG!  Nooooow the "smart" phone has plenty to say!  No biggie as we took the next exit without any issues and got turned back around.  Note to self....."trust your traveling instincts"!  But, of course, there was lots of yelling and confusion for about 30 seconds...LOL!
Pulled into the Chattanooga Trav-l-park safe and sound around 3pm.  Nice pull through and lots of friendly smiling faces.  Busy little park. 
Today we will head into Chattanooga and yes...I'll be packing my see what interesting sights we can find!

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  1. Oh boy... I'm right with you for those 30 seconds.... been there, done that! I hate those moments where there is a surprising choice of turns. Which way??? I DONT KNOW!!


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