Friday, November 8, 2013

Georgetown photos

We drove around Georgetown and I got a few good photos to share.  It was a beautiful fall day, but a bit chilly and windy for us to do much walking.  I checked out a couple shops on main street and snapped a few photos there.....
It is a very well done downtown with lots of restored storefronts.  Unfortunately, like many small towns there are not a lot of shops to explore....still worth the visit just for the architecture!
Found a bit of spectacular fall color to share and.......
I could not resist this colorful guy....just gorgeous...
Here is our campsite at Whispering Hills
Since the campground was fairly empty, we did have a nice view of the lake!   Friday, we head back down the stop...."Pardon me boys, is that the Chattanooga Choo Choo"....You guessed it......Chattanooga Tennessee.  Just so all you southern folks know, we did close the door when we left....but dang that cold air seems to be following us down your way anyway!


  1. They've really spruced up the campground since we were last there! I think there was an old lady that owned it then.


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