Saturday, January 23, 2010

It was not easy, but we managed to fit into a site here at St Bernard State Park. This is a fairly small park and it is about 20 minutes away from New Orleans. The sites are well don't feel like you are sitting on top of your next door neighbor, but most only average about 50 feet in length. Our site is about 55 feet long and with the truck we just barely fit. Each site does have a fairly level concrete pad, but they are very narrow. They have had quite a bit of rain here, so the swamp is really swampy! We spoke with the camp host yesterday and they said we were lucky here......there is another state park close by this one and they are practically under water. I guess you sink to you knees in muck just stepping outside your rv! The cost with Billy's senior pass is a $8.00 per night and that includes 50 amp electric and water. Sorry no sewer hook ups here.

Now let's talk about the nightly entertainment....and it is free. There is a regular symphony of swamp critters performing here at the park every night. I think the orchestra consist mostly of frogs, but many different kinds. We've got high croakers (we affectionately call 'the screamers') and low croakers and every kind of croaker in between! They are loud! In fact, our Cosmo boy hid in the bedroom most of our first night here. He didn't know what all that racket was, but he didn't like it. Then there is the nightly visit from our Armadillo friend. I have only seen him once, but he loves to dig holes all around the fiver.....rather large holes.....the kind where you can easily turn an ankle. Mosquitoes, yeah, we got em! Not too bad though, I think the evening temps are keeping their numbers down at present. You are never alone here in the can just feel all those 'night eyes' on you where ever you go!

Yesterday, Billy decided he needed to have the truck looked at again. That dang engine light is coming on and off. So, off he went......7AM to see the wizard! Not knowing how long this would all take.....I stayed home with the furballs. Around 10AM, Billy calls.......he can't get to the dealership. He can see the dealership, but no matter what direction he goes.....he just can't get there! Road construction, no right turn, no left turn, road closed, traffic out the wa-zooo......well, you can imagine his frustration level. All this and he was with out his nag-igator to boot! Long story short, he came home. He called the dealership and they completely understood.....told him to try again on Tuesday. Apparently, traffic and construction should be better that day. We'll see!

We plan on laying low this weekend.....the Saints and the Vikings do battle here Sunday. I think we will try to take the ferry across to the west bank of the Mississippi. It is free to ride over and a dollar to come back.......


  1. Wow, you are really moving!!! We'll be shortly behind you as we'll head to Alabama on Monday!! Hope to see ya'll again!


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