Monday, January 11, 2010

Today is moving day.....back to my Uncle's Marina in Tampa. Saturday and Sunday here at the park brought the coldest temps we have seen here in Florida. Saturday it never made it out of the 30's and we never made it out of the fiver. We were warm and toasty and only ventured out for the furballs to do their business. Sunday was about the same, but I think the temps reached into the 40's, but the wind was really blowing! We opted for another cozy day inside.

Our on demand hot water heater is still on the fritz so that will be our first order of business.... once we reach the marina. The first place Bill called no longer works on the units. I sure hope we find someone here in the Tampa area that can repair this thing.....I'm really tired of heating water on the stove! Check out here is 11am and I have a lot of things to have a good one everyone and stay warm....

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  1. Looking forward to seeing both of you. Won't be at Olive Garden. Would need to board Kasey and stay overnight if we came today. But we plan to leave here about 8:00 tomorrow. See you then.

    P.S. Hope you get the water heater fixed.


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