Monday, January 25, 2010

We did have our trip across the Mississippi on the ferry Saturday. It was amazing to see the number of cars that can fit on that ferryboat. I think Billy counted around 30. It only takes a few minutes to make the trip across and surprisingly not much more to load and unload. Once we were on the other side we headed to Wally World to pick up a few groceries. The trip back across was a little unnerving as there was a heavy blanket of fog on the river. How the captain of the ferry knew where to go is beyond me.....guess they have instruments for that sort of thing! At any rate, it was spooky being out on that ferry surrounded by all that swirling water and mist!

Sunday we settled in. as I’m sure many of you did, to watch the football games. We are Colts’ fans so it was nice to see them win. The, I thought for sure they were going to lose. They just couldn’t seem to move the ball. Lucky the Vikings were having such a bad day with turnovers. The Saints and the will be interesting as I really like both teams. It was hard enough yesterday to see the sad faces of the losing teams......we have all been in their shoes to some extent and know what it is like to be on the losing side.......


  1. Good Morning... The ferry ride sounds like fun... but not in the fog! We watched the games too... I was rooting for the Colts and Vikings but like you said it was a bad day for them. Have a great day!
    Travel Safe

  2. We did one of the smaller Ferrys in our M/H one time and it was really scarry. We crossed the Mississippi down in southern La.


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