Sunday, January 17, 2010

Today was travel day for us. We are finally on our way to the Rio Grand Valley in Texas. Along the way, we will be stopping for a few days to check out New Orleans. We made it as far as Perry, Florida today. We landed in a KOA right off Hwy 19. KOAs are not the norm for us, but we did not have much to choose from in the area and it was getting late in the day. We have a pull easy in and easy out! Both of us are currently in our respective easy chairs watching the Jets beat San Diego.

Last Thursday we went to the RV Show in Tampa. We had a great time and met up with more RV Dreamers for a nice chat. We did come away from the show a little poorer. Many of you know we have an air bed made by Bear Beds. Well, for the second time in as many years we have sprung a leak. The warranty is a joke as you have to prepay for the new air chamber....then pay to ship the old one to them.....if they find your leak to be a manufacturer's defect, they refund the cost of the chamber, but not the shipping. You are stuck with shipping on both the new and old air chamber. So, when we stumbled across a booth with another brand of air beds on display we had to investigate. What a difference! You could see the quality of their beds. We looked inside and out, asked a million questions, and then took a "test" drive right there in the booth. SOLD! We are now $1995.00 poorer! They will call us when the bed is ready and then ship to where ever we are.......and we don't have to pay the shipping or sales tax. The company is called, "Custom Comfort" and they don't have a web site. They are making a custom size for us "70 by 80" so it will fit perfectly! I sure hope it is perfect at that price! LOL! Time will tell.

Friday night my Aunt and Uncle came by the marina and we all went dancing. It seems a local singer that my Aunt and Uncle knows was performing at a bar near off we went. We had a great time. I can't tell you how long it has been since I was on a dance floor. The band was fabulous and did a lot of "oldies".....none of that "head banging" junk!

Saturday was spent in recovery mode from all that Friday night dancing.....I think we got in bed around 1am Friday. Been a great week here in Tampa at the marina.....we will sure miss everyone!


  1. Hey, we are here in Mission Texas in the valley.Look us up and we will tell you all the "hotspots" to check out while you are here.
    Hope you have safe travels!

  2. Sure enjoyed spending time with you at Tampa RV show. It's always good to meet up with old friends. Anxious to hear how you like the new mattress. We may still go for it. Enjoy Texas.


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