Friday, January 8, 2010

Pelicans at the "Pier" in St Pete
Beautiful beach as seen from the top of Fort De Soto

Just been having too much fun.....even in these somewhat colder temps here in Florida. Last Wednesday we headed down to John's Pass. For those of you not familiar with John's Pass, it is a nice little touristy shopping district in St Petersburg. There is a nice boardwalk out by the water and lots of great restaurants. We did some shopping and Billy managed to find himself a pair of awesome flip flops. Too bad it is too cold to wear them at present. Next, we found this fabulous little herb, tea, and spice shop and purchased some great we just need to stay home long enough to try them out. We finished the day with a nice meal at Bubba Gump's Shrimp house!

Thursday we headed over to the Fort here in De Soto Park. Lots of interesting history there and as you can see a great view of the beach from the top of the fort. Next, we headed to "The Pier" in St Petersburg. Once again we found some nice little shops to peek around in. We had a map of the area with some coupons and I managed to find this quaint little restaurant called "The Garden". The coupon was for 1/2 off one meal. It was in an historic building and actually had a garden area where you could eat outside. To cold for dining under the big oak tree, but we had a cosy booth that overlooked the courtyard. The food was wonderful.

Friday....moving day! We are enjoying our stay here at the park so much that we decided to stay through the weekend. We did have to relocate to another 144 which is a nice pull through. We are having some problems with our on demand hot water ain't working! So, we are boiling water at present. We plan on heading back to my Uncle's Marina on Monday and hopefully we can find someone in the area to take a look at it before we start making our way to New Orleans!

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