Monday, January 4, 2010

Wow! What a weekend.....the party just went on and on!

The party actually started the night before New Years Eve. The family was altogether at my Uncle's Marina getting it ready for the party. We set up case of rain, brought in food, set the tv in the gazebo for watching the upcoming games, and literally 'set the stage' for karaoke. My aunt has a fabulous karaoke system and we actually do set up a stage with lights and everything. She has two for those on stage and one for the audience. She even provides the way of hats....for those that wish to sing in disguise......which is always a good thing! LOL!

New Years Eve Day the rest of our guest were moving see in order to attend the party you must spend the night at the marina. Both my Aunt and Uncle want to make sure everyone is safe. So, we have motorhomes, fifthwheels, toy haulers, boats, tents, and pop up campers......a regular camp ground. The weather that evening was perfect. We had a campfire, lots of singing, lots of drinking (which of course helped with the singing) and lots of fireworks. Although I generally do not drink....I did have my first shot that evening. Yes, I'm 52 years young and had never done "shots". Some friends had brought this board that looked like a ski, it had 3 shot glasses each about a 6 inches apart....we filled them with Tequila. I was on one end, my Dad was on the other, and a friend in the middle. Down it went.....and I was really surprised at how smooth it was....not bad at all. Apparently, we were drinking some really high dollar Tequila called Patrone. That went down so well that I ended up doing another with my brother......what a night! It didn't take me long to hit the karaoke stage....and no I'm not sharing photos...."what happens at the marina, stays at the marina"! Anyway it was a long evening, it was 3am when I finally fell into bed.

We were up by 7:00am....and breakfast was ready by 8am. A friend that attends the party always fixes breakfast for everyone the next day. We had bacon, eggs, and croissants....mmmm good!

The party continued through New Years Day.....Unfortunately the weather changed and it was cold and rainy. We still managed to have fun with a big campfire that evening. But....some of us were smart enough to go to bed early that night.....I was in bed my 8:30.

Come Saturday, most were packing up and heading home. Lot of hugs and goodbyes as we saw folks leave for home. We are here through Sunday, so we helped with the clean up. Sunday evening we attended an Open House for my cousin. He and his gal just bought a home. It was very nice, once again the party was, drink, and be family knows all about that!!

We are heading to De Soto park today and we will be in site 125. So, please if you are in the area come by and say 'hello'. We will be there through Thursday, but Tequila......LOL! I'm not sure if we will have internet or cell phone if you don't hear from me for worries....I'll be back and I promise to share lots of info on the park and photos!

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  1. OH that is too bad...I would love some pictures of that. That really does sound like fun. Glad to see you had a good New Years party.


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