Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I had hope to have the first stage of the Roman Shades up for today's blog......BUT....Murphy's law had other plans.  My first issue arose at 1am, my little furball Belle woke me to go outside.  That is very unusual for her.  Once out, she went and then tried to go several more times.  She just came off antibiotics for a bladder infection, obviously we aren't done with that yet.  Off to the vet we went to get an x-ray to make sure she did not have stones.  Good news....all clear.....bad news, not sure why the infection came back.  Vet gave us something stronger and back to the fiver we go.  Once at the fiver, Billy informs me the water is off.  We have been having issues with our facet in the kitchen.  Apparently it decided today was the day to end it's life and spew water everywhere.  Back to town I go, we need a new facet and something Billy called a Basin Wrench.  I found a nice young man at the hardware store that helped find just the right facet and the Basin Wrench.  Back to the fiver I go.  The next hour or so was spent with me under the sink and Billy atop the sink trying to get the washer holding the facet to the counter loose.  If you have ever tried to wedge your body under the sink of a fifth wheel.....well, you know how tight and how difficult that process can be.  The basin wrench turned out to be useless.  Someone should have had a camera...as I'm sure we were quite the sight.  We debated about taking the sink out or removing the counter, but neither was going to be easy and might cause more damage.  In the end, me with a good old pair of channel locks holding the washer from the underside and Billy a top with another pair......success.....finally pulled the facet free.  Now, we just spent the next 30 minutes or so deciphering the instructions for the new facet.  Finally decided it was time for dinner.......and a break......back to town we go.......And that my friends is where this story ends for now. Hopefully after dinner we will be able to finish the installation of the new facet and have water restored to the fiver.  Sure hate to have to use the 'out house' tonight!  I'll post the 'rest of the story' tomorrow........


  1. Murphy and me are best mates !
    x x x

  2. Hope Belle is feeling better soon. Too bad about the faucet. We are looking forward to the roman shades

    Stay Safe


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