Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pity Party for One

It seems it has been months since I have been able to read the blogs I like to follow.  Normally, I have to go into "town" to have an internet connection and by the time I do that I have so many other things to attend to online that I just plain run out of time.  Well, the last couple of days I have actually been blessed with an internet connection at the fiver.  I took full advantage of that and did some catching up on my blog reading.  My connection is too slow to do any commenting, but it looks for the most part that everyone is having a great time.  Especially those of you that are heading to or are already at the Gypsy Rally in Elkhart Indiana.  After that rally, I know some of you will be heading to Goshen for the Escapees Event.  All I can say is, "WISH I WERE WITH YOU ALL!!!!"  Reading all those blogs has also given me a severe case of "hitch-itch".  I think I am a true "nomad" at heart.....I always enjoy my time with family and friends, but I also enjoy exploring these United States.  There is so much we have not seen yet......(pitiful sigh)......

All right, enough of the 'pity party' I'm throwing for myself and on to better things.  Remember the baby squirrels we rescued?  Well, the Wildcat Creek Wildlife Center is having their annual fundraiser auction.  I have been asked if I would like to contribute a wildlife painting to the event.  I have contributed in the past.....below is the photo of a painting I donated.
Red Tailed Hawk

I have decided to do a painting guessed I just happen to have some really cute photos to use as reference!  I will keep you posted on the progress and the auction itself.   As to the Roman Shades, I'm afraid I have not had much time to work on them these past few days.  I'm in town today doing laundry......hopefully, I can get back to the sewing table tomorrow.  Till then.......have fun everyone and be safe!


  1. That is a beautiful painting. Wow, to have such a great talent!

    I know what you mean about having the Hitch Itch, We do to.

    Stay Safe

  2. You have a wonderful talent - don't ever stop painting!


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