Sunday, August 8, 2010

Roman Shades Part 2

Thanks, we love the faucet too!  It is made by Delta.  It also has the under counter soap dispenser, but we have yet to install it.

Back to the Roman Shades......I did make a small mistake in my measurements the other day.  In regards to the need to add two inches to the length.

Ok, this is what a clutch system looks like without the fabric attached to it.  The little squares hanging down are the strings which would attach to your shade and run the full length.  When you pull the cord to the left, it winds the string onto the rod and thus pulls up the shade.

Here is a close up of the actual clutch system.  All these components are available on the web Rowley Company.  They will provide instructions on how to assemble the hardware. 

Once you have your fabric cut to size you need to press your side hems and bottom hem into place and sandwich your lining in between.  It should look something like this.......
Your hems are double.  In other words, the side hem folds 1 1/2 inches turn another 1 1/  The bottom is a 1 inch turn, press, then another inch, and press.  Your lining slides in behind the hems.  The top of the blind remains raw edges with your lining being even with your fabric.  As shown below.........
This is a photo of the top of the blind.  At this point, you need to make sure everything has remained square and true to your final measurements.  Sometimes during the pressing process things can recheck your measurements.  A note about fabric, I would recommend using a drapery fabric for your shades.  Drapery fabrics generally come in a 55 to 60 inch width.....which is helpful when doing larger windows.  Also, Drapery fabric will generally handle and hang better than quilting or clothing weight fabric.  If you are wanting your shades to be flame resistant....check the label on the fabric....some drapery fabric has already been treated for it.  If not, their are products you can purchase and treat the fabric yourself. 

That is it for next post will probably on Wednesday.

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