Thursday, August 5, 2010

Roman Shades

In the fifth wheel came with the same day/night accordion style shades  that you see in most rvs.  They didn’t last long.  Even though we took extreme care.....strings were breaking right and left.  I had my own window treatment business for over 10 years and I just felt these shades were the wrong choice for my rv.  I know some folks get along with them fine, but I can tell you they were never meant to be installed they way I saw them installed in my rv......and that is why string breakage occurs.  Most of my readers know I replaced all but the bedroom shades with a new style of  ‘roller shade’......which we love.  In the bedroom I decided to go with Roman shades which I can make myself.  The only drawback to a roman style shade is either ‘open’ or ‘closed’.  There are no louvers to adjust as on traditional blinds and there is no way to do a ‘day/night’ option like the accordion style shades.  You certainly can control how much of the window is exposed when raising the shade, but that is it. 

Roman shades, as with most window treatments, need to be lined.  Since my shades are going into the bedroom, I choose to use black out lining.  I am usually an early riser, but I can’t tell you how many times we have been in an rv park and had a street light pouring into one of the bedroom windows.  Black out lining will put an end to that, as well as give us a little extra insulation value.  Speaking of can sandwich a layer of thin quilt batting between the fabric and the lining if you feel you need it.  Also I will be making a ‘flat’ style of roman shades.  There are also ‘balloon’ and ‘hobbled’ style roman shades.  A flat shade is just that....when it is fully extended the fabric lies flat against the pleats and no puffiness.

Step 1:  Measure your window.  My window measures 13 inches wide by 23 inches long.  Now, I need to figure out my finished blind width and length.  I know I want my blind to extend past my window 2 inches on either side and I’m going to mount my blind at the ceiling and extend it 2 inches below the bottom of my window.  That gives me a finished blind measurement of 17 inches across by 28 inches long.  To figure yardage I need to add a bottom hem of 2 inches, side hems of 3 inches, and add about 2 inches at the top for mounting.  I’m looking at cutting a piece of fabric 23 inches wide by 32 inches long.  The lining (and optional quilt batting) can be cut to the finished blind my case that is 17 by 28.  Are you following me so far?  Please ask any questions in the comment section and I’ll post the answer in the next day’s blog. 

I have probably rambled on enough for today.  Tomorrow I’ll be in the construction phase of my blinds.  Look for my next post to appear on Sunday with detailed instructions and photos.  And.....little Belle is doing better....thanks for asking!

Here is a photo of our new faucet......ain't it pretty!!

And here is a photo of Bill....squeeezzzing under the sink.....ain't he pretty!!!  LOL!!!

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  1. Love the faucet! What brand is it? We might want to check those out. Can't wait to see pics of the shades too.

    Stay Safe


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