Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Heart is Sad Today

Today I received an update on the three little squirrels we rescued a few days ago.  The little male, the one who had fallen from the nest, passed away yesterday.  The folks at the refuge did all they could, but they suspect he was probably injured internally in the fall and he just couldn't hang on.  At least I know he was well cared for and felt safe and warm and loved for the few days he had on this earth.  I also know he was one brave little guy; for if not for him leaving the nest, his sisters would have surly died.  The "girls" are doing very well and have even been started on some solid food this week.  As I mentioned, the refuge has ask that I do a painting for their auction in October.  I'm going to call the painting "Brave Heart" and it will be of that sweet little male squirrel.  I'm also going to include the "story of Brave Heart" in a packet on the back.  Brave Heart may have been small and frail, but this heart was brave.......and he will be remember the hearts of animal lovers everywhere.......


  1. I am so sorry to hear that the little male didn't make it.

  2. That made my eyes well up. I hope the painting brings in a nice donation to the rehab facility. It's nice of you to contribute your talents to the cause.


  3. At least he was given the best chance he could have had and he didn't spend his last days out in the weather cold and hungry. Poor little guy.


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