Thursday, October 7, 2010

Big Foot Install

It was a very long day for us and the furballs.  We were up around 4am so that we could  drop off the fiver at was cold and dark.  Hitching up and pulling out in the dark is no fun at all, but we did it.  The guys at Big Foot told us they would be done by 5pm.  We went for breakfast and then pretty much sat in the truck....taking the occasional nap, walking the furballs, and playing on the computer.  Big Foot does have a nice customer waiting area, but we didn't want to impose the furballs on any body but us.  The photo above shows the hydraulic lift they use to lift up the nose of the fiver while they were doing the install....pretty nifty!
 This is wild....the system can completely lift us up off the ground.....way cool!
 Look at that.....those hydraulic lifts can each lift 17,000 lbs.   and we got 4 of them!  We were only supposed to get 17's in the front and 12's in the back, but apparently they needed the extra lift height in the back so they had to go to the 17s.  The really neat thing....they didn't charge us any extra for the upgrade.
 A photo of all the gizmos and wires that make this all work.  Ha!  Don't ask me....long as it goes up and down that is all I care about....he, he

 I took this photo once we were back at RV America.  RV America is doing some other work for us.  They were quick to point out that the hydraulic lines that Big Foot installed need to be re-located.  You see, if the air bag would ever fail the frame would come down and poof.....the hydraulic lines would be squished big time.  Fortunately, we were having them replace our leaf springs so they went ahead and moved the lines to a better place.  Billy did call and give the folks at Big Foot a heads up about that....they offered to pay RV America for re-locating the lines.  We told them that was not necessary, but nice to have the offer.....shows they care about the work they do.
 And last, but not least.....the happy welder!  He sure does spend a lot of time on his back!

Overall it was a great experience.  Everyone at Big Foot was helpful and very nice.  We love the if Billy will ever hand over the control box....mama might have some fun!!  Oh....another big plus.  We can't believe how 'rock solid' the fifth wheel feels on the inside....almost no bounce at all.  I jumped up and down in the bedroom while Billy jumped up and down in the living room....firm as could be.....I only wish I were so firm...LOL!


  1. I love the last line of the post today - I can empathize with you on that one and feel the same way!

  2. WE are sold on the idea. We will be having them installed to our rig as soon as we hit the road.

    Stay Safe

  3. Congrats on the Big Foot. I would love to have that. Maybe, some day!
    We spent a month at RV America..nice people.
    Good luck....


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